Pedro Trovão Rosário

Doctor of Laws – European PhD (Constitutional Law – Politico) in the Facultad de Derecho Politico – UNED – Madrid on December 3, 2009 with the evaluation cum Laude Sobresaliente by unanimidad (full marks). DEA (Diploma of Advanced Studies 3rd Cycle and Researcher Capacity) at UNED – Madrid, obtained on November 24, 2005 with the evaluation of Sobresaliente in completing the Doctorate program “Foundations of Derecho Politico”; Law degree from the UI – Lisbon (1986/1991);

He began teaching in higher education in September 1991, initially as a Law Degree, today as Doctor of Law. Uninterruptedly since 1991 and is a university lecturer always in the right area.

In addition to other activities, acts as Consultant of Antas da Cunha Ferreira & Associates.

Languages: English and Spanish.

Preferred Areas of Activity Administrative Law and Constitutional Law