Welcome to ACFA,

Born from the need to organize under this corporate form, continuing a project with more than 10 years, the expertise and customer attention are part of our DNA.
We grow steadily and accurately measure our customers’ needs. We believe in differentiation, always looking to add value. Just so, and the failure of the static or become vulnerable to accommodation, we can fulfill the wishes of our customers.

It’s part of our history a merger with one of the largest societies of Portuguese Bar Association, the Barros, Sobral, Gomes & Associados, which marked our Advocacy in 90 years and whose experience was decisive for our present and future. We are proud of our past, but the foundations and values ​​of ACFA culture are very own self. And that was predominant in the decision to continue our project independently. Full membership, despite the troubled times that the country and the world face, it was a winning bet, as evidenced by the continued growth and strength of the ACFA.

Such values, such as, independence, rigor, the match the expectations of our customers by delivering results, the search for future solutions, to be by your side at all times, to guide them on the best strategy choice They have been recognized by them as well as by several national and international opinion leaders, distinguishing the ACFA in the various sectors in which it operates.

The result of this strategy has achieved the ACFA has clients in various industries, with a highly specialized team with very specific skills but on a joint synergy work. On the other hand, the growth of our clients mandated that a few years now we need to create multiple partnerships with law firms in various international jurisdictions.

This is the road traveled and we want and impose the proceeding. With you.

Because together, we see further.